Building and Contents Insurance for Commercial Properties

Whether you are a Freeholder, Leaseholder, or Residential Management Company, the need for quality Buildings Insurance cover is the same.

Our Commercial Property Policy is designed for landlords who let their property to a business (i.e. a Convenience Store). We also insure the residential parts of any commercially let property such as flats above. These can all be placed on one easily managed, clear and Comprehensive Policy.

What type of properties do we cover?

Shops/Retailers with flats above
Shops/Retailers in isolation

What’s covered?

Unfortunately if you own or rent a shop or other retail premises, effective comprehensive insurance is becoming increasingly necessary. As well as the expected risks such as fire & flood, theft is becoming an increasing problem. In addition to this it seems we are following the lead of our American cousins and suing whenever possible. Therefore a good quality policy that includes comprehensive public liability is a must.

Let Commercial Property Policies will include Comprehensive Cover for all standard perils including:

  • Fire
  • Storm, Lightning
  • Flood
  • Malicious Damage
  • Damage to underground services
  • Subsidence
  • Loss of Rent
  • Window/Glass breakage
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Accidental damage to buildings
  • Terrorism – Optional